Saturday, June 16, 2007

Liquid Applique

I have had a few questions about Liquid Applique since I posted the Like it A Latte card last week. I hope the following will address your questions.

What is it? It is a Marvvy Uchida product originally designed to be used on fabric. It is a liquid that when heated, puffs up and gives your project touchable dimension. It works very well on paper. It is available in many colors but I have only used the white.

How do you use it? The directions say it is best applied in a thin layer and allowed to dry overnight before heating. I have heated it immediately on many occassions and it works fine but does give a different final look. Heating it immediately gives it more of a bumpy appearance where as allowing it to dry gives it a more even appearance. See the side by side comparison in the photo.

Where do you use it? It makes great foam on coffee obviously, but it can also be used as fur on animals (think sheep and cute), as snow (on trees is great), icing on cakes, clouds, accents on a baby card and more. The black variety may be good on Halloween cards...just a thought. You can also color it. I have dotted it with a chocolate chip marker before to look like cinnamon dust on the coffee foam. It can be colored with ink or chalk.

Where do I buy it? I have found it at Joanns. Sometimes they will put the white color tubes in the paper crafting section but you may also have to look in the fabric section. My local stamp stores usually carry it so you may want to check your LSS if you have one. Then there is always Ebay. I see that Anna Wight carries it in her Ebay store, check here. They run about $3.00 a tube and last quite awhile. I store mine tip down because other wise it takes forever to get it to run down to the tip. That just may be my own impatience though!!

I think that covers it pretty well. It is definitely a fun product and can be just the touch on the right card. And since I know SU will not let me down with the addition of the Like it a Latte set to the new catty, it's a good 3.00 spent!


pegg said...

Thank you so much for posting this info. I've heard it mentioned and I can never find it in the store (because I didn't know what it looked like!).. plus, the employees never know what I was talking about! Now I know what to look for! :)

Anonymous said...

I *love* LA!! Thanks for the comparison! The first time I used it, I did let it dry like they recommend, but when I heated it, it wouldn't puff at all. It just sat there looking sad. So, ever since I've always heated it right away, so it always looks like your second picture. I will have to try letting it dry again, because I really like how yours turned out!!

michelle sturgeon said...

Thanks for posting the pics. I have never let it dry overnight before, but seeing your I will, as it looks so much better!

doverdi said...

It's also great for doing faux suede backgrounds.