Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Product Review

Uhu is giving out free samples of products to craft bloggers if they will give a review of their products. Seemed like a fair proposal to me so I requested some samples. I received a Scrapbookers glue pen and a glue roller tape style adhesive. Please visit Maria's blog for more UHU details.
I am mostly a card and paper crafter but I have been working on a 6x6 calendar for my mother for Christmas. I was curious to see how the Scrapbookers pen worked as I have had a hard time with glues in the past. Even when I have used the smallest amount it would cause my cardstock to buckle and warp. The UHU pen claims not to buckle so I put it to the test when I adhered my 6x6 pages to the calendar. I am pleased to report no warping or buckling....wahoo. I love glue for certain projects because it allows you a few seconds of wiggle time to adjust your project and center it exactly where you want, not the case with tape style adhesives. The tip on the pen is flat so you get a smooth application of glue with little mess.
I did use the glue roller to adhere my titles to the calendar pages and it seems to be holding well. The roller was smooth to use and I haven't experienced it gum up like my mono adhesive does, but I have only used it for this project. I did browse Joanns last week to see if they carried these products so I would know where to send you. I found several UHU products in their adhesive aisle but of the two I tried they only carried the glue roller. I believe it was priced at 5.99. It may be different in other places but thought that info may be helpful to you.
At my card club last night my friend Karen used the glue pen on some ornaments she was making. She needed a strong bond and the glue pen did the job nicely. I forgot to get a photo of her finished project but believe me they were nice.
My mother lives in Germany so I needed to get this calendar project done so it will make it in time for Christmas. I think she will enjoy the photos of the family since she only gets to visit once a year.
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