Friday, March 30, 2007

Cornish Heritage Farm

I am a background fanatic!! White space is my enemy. Not really, but I do have trouble leaving card stock plain! I love my SU stamps and have all but 2 of the backgrounds in the catty. As a demo I have trouble buying outside SU but the more I stamp the more I realize you need to buy what you like and will use. And there are a whole lotta things out there to like, LOL!! I think it is the point many come to where it feels limiting to your creativity to not try other things.
I have had my eye on some background stamps by a company called Cornish Heritage Farms and finally took the plunge. I am not a representative for them but wanted to tell you about my experience. They sell all kinds of stamps and you can get them mounted or unmounted. If you said "huh?" like me, then this review is for you!
Side bar.... I know acrylic cling mounts are very popular but I have found them less than exciting. I hear there is a learning curve in using them and you need to apply less pressure so it could just be operator error but I am rather perfect so it's not likely (kidding!). As quality improves perhaps I will change my mind and I know quality ranges greatly in what is already available. I have several and use them on occasion but I prefer my good 'ol rubber stamps. I do however love the compactness of them for storage purposes. Side bar over.
What I ordered from CHF is the best of both worlds, rubber stamps with compact storage. You can order a background mounted onto a maple block, like SU, for 14.99. Good price for a background. You also have the option of ordering them unmounted, in 2 different backings. Either choice is 7.99. Unmounted regular would come with adhesive backed rubber like how SU's come and you have to order a wood block separately or provide your own (maybe you have a woodworker hubby?). The regular unmounted stamps are for permanently mounting them in some way. If you order the stamp and wood block separately to mount yourself, you save a couple of dollars. I don't know the cost of wood these days so I can not say what you would save by doing it yourself.
Then there is the unmounted smart, which comes with smart cushion to be used with an acrylic block. These are not mounted permanently. That is what I decided to purchase. I ordered 1 large acrylic block, 7"x5", for 12.99. Then I ordered 3 of the smart cushion backgrounds for 7.99/each. I took a picture of what I ordered so you had a visual. When they arrived all I had to do was open the packaging, no trimming or anything, and they were ready for ink. At CHF they mount the rubber to foam for you, isn't that great? I also love the acrylic block because it is thicker at 3/4" and very easy to handle. The rubber itself is beautifully etched and stamps like a dream. They clean up like a regular stamp too. There is an added more inked up wood blocks!! Between my customers and myself we have done a number on my wood blocks, the brayer slips, the stamp drops on the ink pad, you know how it goes. Silly thing but a good thing. Now that I have the acrylic block I can order to my hearts content and for 7.99 each I can get more stamps for my money. (they also do free shipping on orders of 25.00+, gotta love it!) Now, I am not sure how I will store these yet. If you already own these and have a suggestion, please leave a comment, I would love to hear ideas. Otherwise I will get back to you when I dream up something.
Here is another card using a CHF background, Polka Dots. Isn't it sweet? I just got Big Blooms so had to try that out too. Colors used are lavender lace, regal rose, apricot appeal and certainly celery. The bottom uses the Thanks embossing folder. I used the extra piece of Cuttlebugged card stock to cut out the leaves, I love the texture it gives. The bling in the center is Hero Arts. Speaks spring, doesn't it??
Not to be an enabler but I thought I would pass along a savings code if you are in the market for Prismacolor markers. I have been reading lots about them and people are raving. They can be a bit pricey so if you are in the market try Jerry's Artarama. They are on sale and I got an email code 48H20 which will save you $20 off an order of $75. The code is only good through today, 3/30. The code basically covered my shipping with a little to spare.
Blessings on your day!!


Sarah Vrolyk said...

Love your card, Tracy! And thanks for sharing your experience with CHF. I might not be able to resist that polka dot backgrounder for much longer, LOL! :)

Jessica (jessrose21) said...

Beautiful card, Tracy! Thanks for sharing all that (I think!) Those CHF backgrounds sure are tempting and they have so many cool designs.

Peggy said...

Thanks for posting about this - I always wondered how the unmounted worked (and looked like). Can't wait to see what you create with the other backgrounds!

Deb said...

I bought a few of the SmartFoam mounted backgrounders too. I LOVE THEM! You mentioned storage. I actually ran a few empty lamination pouches through my little laminator to melt the pouch together. I cut them slightly bigger than the stamp and after I used them and cleaned, I stuck each one to one of my clear laminator pieces to help keep the SmartFoam clean. I then put them back in the cellophane envelope they came in so I have the image too. That's as far as I've gotten for storage. I may have a little binder or snap-box in the future to keep them all in.
Hope this makes sense. :)

mnhyrkas at SCS said...

Hey, if you really like the feel of wood in your hand, try using the smart cushion background stamps stuck onto the sticker/image side of your SU background stamps. Check it out and see what you think, as I havent personally tried it.
most times I'm laying the background on the table and pressing my paper onto it, so the handle isnt a big deal. There is a whole another world of unmounted rubber stamps out there- happy stamping.

asela said...

Gorgeous! gorgeous card....CHF backgrounds are great.