Sunday, April 29, 2007

Birthday Wishes!

Today is my MIL's birthday. Everyone join in to wish her well!! This is the card I made for her using a piece of the new designer paper. It is pretty straight forward. Stamps used are Mixed Bouquet and Happy Everything. Colors are black, certainly celery and rose red.

She is probably in recovery mode today since she worked really hard on the church garage sale all week. I have worked it the last 3 years and know how exhausting it is!! Imagine the schedule: Tuesday and Wednesday you take in donations and put it out onto tables, Thursday you price it all, Friday and Saturday you sell it all and by 5pm on Saturday it needs to look like nothing ever happened in the gym. Our gym is the size of 2 basketball courts to give you an idea, and it is packed with stuff. How it all happens is a miracle every year. The sale lasts 14 hours in total and this year they took in the highest total to date...$12,000.00!!!!!!! That is almost $1000 and hour!! I am so thrilled because all of this years money goes towards my friends the Hopkins who are going to Romania for a year on missions. Do you remember my plea for stamps in February? You can check it out here. If you follow that link it will show you some pictures of Romania, who the Hopkins are and what they will be doing there for a year. The count down has begun, they depart in the middle of July!

We are going out to dinner after church to celebrate with mom. She is one of my favorite people in the whole world!! Truly, she is! She is kind, giving, thoughtful, a wonderful grandmother and mother, everyone should be so lucky to have a mother in law like her. Part of the pain we are going through with DH losing his job at church is the idea that we may have to move away which means moving away from them. I guess we will have to soak up the time we have left.

Have a lovely Sunday

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Tami said...

Your card is beautiful- I am sure she will love it! I loved this post for several reasons- 1) I am a pastor's daughter so I understand the pain of leaving people behind when moving and 2) I am going to Romania for a week this summer on a mission trip with people from my church (I have been to Greece three out of the last four years and felt God was calling me elsewhere this summer). I'll be checking out your links!