Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Stamping Place

I had a couple of friends drive in to visit today so I have not had a chance to stamp. But since my new stamp space is mostly settled I thought I would share it with you.
We have a nice sized finished basement and I have one section all carved out for my stuff. I think I have shared before how I stalked Lowes for dented cabinets to make my space which is why they do not all match. Bargain hunting is my second love! The base cabinets and counter top traveled with us from the last house. When everything was in its place I found I still needed a bit of room so I went back to Lowes for a couple of wall cabinets. The 6' shelf I had previously is sandwiched in between and makes a good place to add lights. Once we move the light in front of the right wall cabinet I will be able to add the last door front. I prefer to stand when I stamp so this works really well for me. I just unpacked my new SU ink pad caddy and Stamp and Store Caddy and love them!! I have 4 of the Dyzentec acrylic ink pad holders and would buy more of those if they were still in business but the spinning caddy is gonna work just fine.

At the end of my space I set up my 2 media shelving units for my stamps, wheels, envelopes and other stuff. My background stamps are lined up on top and the other sets are alphabetical by box size. I love the media shelves as they are the just the right depth for the boxes.

To the right of this second photo is our sofa/seating area. Once I find new people to stamp with I have plenty of room to set up 2 6" tables. Lighting is a problem we hope to address soon.

The previous home owner left behind a pool table so the basement is a place we can all hang out in.
I wasn't sure how much readers would want to see so I left it at these 2 pictures. If you are interested in seeing more or have questions about specific storage/organization items let me know. Before I created my space I poured over pictures of peoples stamping spaces and it really helped me to plan. This space works for me and I am glad to share with anyone looking for ideas.


Anonymous said...

Honest opinion about the SU! tabletop papercutter??I've heard differing views about storing stamps on sides, etc. instead of flat. Any issues with yours?
This looks great!! WIsh I lived close enough to come by and stamp! Enjoy!!!

Rose Ann said...

Your space looks great, Tracy! Thanks for sharing...I'm always looking for ideas. ;)

Melissa said...


diane (cookiestamper) said...

It looks great, Tracy! I really need to admit to myself that I need to move to the basement. LOL.

Karen said...

hey tracy! the new space looks awesome - can't wait to see it in person. happy stampin' karen