Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Class Samples

These are the class samples for tonight. Since all of the ladies who come are new stampers things need to be more on the simple side. The trick is to make them simple without looking simple. Tonight we are learning some basic water coloring techniques and using Liquid Applique. The center sample is a 2 year planner that we are covering. I loved the look of not quite navy stamped onto sage shadow with the large swirl in Baroque Motifs.
TIP: It is so easy to forget that you can stamp without using a neutral card stock. Try different inks on different card stocks. The Baroque Motifs set is especially great for this.
I found the 2 year planners at the Dollar Tree. You can find planners for a dollar in lots of places these days but I prefer the ones from the Dollar Tree. Why?? For the last 3 years they have carried ones made by the Day Spring company and I find the quality of them higher than others. Some of you may recognize the Day Spring name because they make cards that often sell in Christian book stores. These come with scriptures at the top of every page so for my church ladies it makes a great choice.
I am on a mission today for one of my Dirty Dozen projects, I hope it works like I vision it in my mind!!
Have a great day!

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