Friday, February 15, 2008

All Good Things....

must come to an end. Oh how I wish they didn't! Today is the Dirty Dozen gallery opening on Splitcoast. It is my last gallery as my six month gig is now over. It is kinda hard to believe that 6 months are gone in such a flash. But a lot has happened in that time. When I first got the invitation from Julie, I was living in my old house in my old town. DH is now pastoring at a new church, we are in a new-to-us house, the boys are in new schools, I have a new part time job and have gotten my SU business back up in a new location. Whew, that is a lot! Being a Dirty Girl was such a privilege and so rewarding. It was also a blessing to me in a time of transition where I was mourning the loss of many things as a result of moving. Because it gave me something positive to focus on during a difficult time, it will always have a special place in my heart! Okay...sappy moment over!
If you haven't headed over to check out this months gallery, you NEED to. The team rocked the house this month with one of the widest array of projects I have seen during my time on the team. I won't give away who the newbies are, but to say these girls have talent is an understatement!
Since I don't have a new project to show you today I am going to give you a peek at one of the projects I made in my first month on the Dirty Dozen. This will probably be the only time I ever show one of my dirty designs outside that gallery!
I purchased an old window at a salvage yard and set about to make it into a message center for our new home. I loved all the character, the holes, dings, the hardware and finish so I didn't alter the frame in any way. It still had the original glass so DH and I carefully removed 3 of the 4 panes. In two of the spaces I put a corkboard cut down to size and covered with fabric. The fabric is easily changed to the seasons or my moods =).

The upper right space is magnetic. I purchased a magnetic memo holder from the Dollar Tree and spray painted over the ugly neon green. It did require some trimming with tin snips but that wasn't too difficult. The bottom space is where the original glass stayed in tact. I stamped card stock to go behind the glass and attached wet wipe chalk marker to the frame to write on the glass. I made push pins from shrink plastic that I stamped, covered magnetic slips with stamped images and page pebbles and even stamped on the magnetic space. I am not sure if this photo will enlarge for a closer look.
It was a fun project to make and useful to boot!
Blessings on your day!


diane (cookiestamper) said...

I love this, Tracy! Can you believe I finally saw this for the first time late last night? yikes! I was so behind on the gallery....I'm almost ashamed to admit it! I finally viewed August & to find time to go back to Oct!
Anyway, this was an awesome idea and I love the way it turned out!

Kevin & Amy said...

Wow, this is gorgeous!! Such a lot of work, but the end result is great. I hope you use it a lot!

Angie Z. ~ Duckwaddlequack said...

I still drool over this! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Tracy, So sad to me that we don't get to share more of DD time together...but ANY time you want to visit my kitchen table for coffee and or stamping you are always welcome :) Don'tcha think a visit to Canada would be in order???