Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ribbon Storage Idea

I haven't had much time to stamp but thought I would share an idea with you. I am a bit of a nut when it comes to being organized. I am constantly looking for ways to modify my stamping space so it works better. Or rather, so that I can work better in it. I think it may be a never ending process.
Ribbon is becoming an increasing issue for me. I loved Nicole Heady's idea of the wooden clothes pins and have done that with my loose ribbon. It is my spools that are getting out of control. I did purchase a set of the SU ribbon organizers and have filled them up. My only complaint about them is that it is a bit tricky to get the spools in/out of the container. I am constantly taking them out for classes and workshops and find I don't like to put them back. Stacking the spools isn't workin' for me either. I was at a Tuesday Morning shop this week and ran across these Marvy Ori Yoki craft boxes. Many of you have probably seen them, they come in various sizes and snap together in similar fashion to the SU ones. I took a chance that this size would fit my spools of ribbon. I am happy to say they fit perfectly! I used my Crop o Dile to cut holes in the side of the box to thread the ribbon through. I adjusted the holes to the width of the ribbon. Now I suppose grommets would make for a tidier look but I was using what I had. With the lid on, they also become stackable. And the price can't be beat, $1.49. I bought 3 and may try the grommet idea on the others. If you have any ribbon storage ideas share them!


diane (cookiestamper) said...

Tracy, I actually removed most of my ribbon from the spools and wound them onto clothespins. I couldn't believe the space it saved! It has been a while and my spools are adding up again (can't help buying more..LOL) so I need to do some more winding!

15minL8 said...

Your site has some beautiful cards/projects! As far as your ribbon storage goes, have you tried ribbon rings? I would love to send you one to try! Contact me from my website:

Doris said...

Thanks for posting just the solution I needed for my ribbon "problems"!