Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rub-On Time

Okay, I am a little slow sometimes. SAB is now officially over and I am just now getting the Rub-ons out to play. It was a totally fun play time though!
I found these celery colored Scotch tape dispensers on clearance last week. No way I was gonna pass up my favorite color, who cares if I don't need a tape dispenser, lol. I love how the rub-ons can go over curves and corners. I cut out pieces and put them onto the dispenser until I felt satisfied with it. In some cases I even cut some of the images into smaller pieces to make them fit. And some were layered. I figured the rub-ons were free so why not experiment?
A celery tape dispenser would certainly perk up your desk...but this one...whoa baby, lol!!
I needed a gift idea and this will fit the bill along with a few other office items. So I did need it =)
Have a happy Easter!!


SmilynStef said...

I love celery too and these are adorable ... how cool would it be to have one on my desk at work ... very cute!

~amy~ said...

Super CUTE!!!

sheila said...

How cute. Great idea.