Sunday, October 12, 2008


My life doesn't understand my need and desire to stamp!!! This has been a crazy busy week with work, the boys, workshops and more. But the kicker really was that I have been having serious sciatic back pain. This is new to me and let me tell ya...I don't like it one bit. It didn't matter if I was sitting or standing, I was in so much pain it brought me to tears. I am filled up on Aleve and it is at least making things tolerable.
In the mean time, I have lots to do and yesterday my back felt good enough to tackle one of my big tasks. On Saturday I am helping a friend who wants to make cards for his church. He got a list of needs from the pastors and I made up samples. Our goal...400 cards!! Some will be for kids, others for adults. What you see in this picture is 6 different cards all cut and prepped. Holy cutting Batman!! Most of our stampers will probably be folks who are coming to help the cause but not necessarily "seasoned" stampers. With that in mind, these are all pretty straight forward, not too complicated or involved.
I will have to let you know next week how it all went.
On a different note, last night we watched Ironman, the movie. We missed it when it was in the theater but have to say, we really enjoyed it. I am thrilled to see Robert Downey Jr get his act together again. We have been having some incredible weather for October, sunshine and mid 70's, a good 5-10 degrees above normal for us. Simply marvelous. Today Kaleb had a football game and it was a delight to be outdoors for this one.
Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!


Juanita said...

These are great looking samples, I hope the group comes together and makes the goal.
I am sorry to hear about your back pain. I hope the releif comes soon.

My lifes inky escape and more said...

Gosh I hope you're feeling better

These are very cute cards though :)