Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009!

I didn't want to let the day pass with out wishing you all a very Blessed New Year!! We have had a houseful of family since Christmas Eve so there has been no stamping for me. Our "guest room" is in the basement, right next to my stamping space so it has been off limits. It was nice to concentrate on spending time with our family and relaxing.
A new year is here and I am determined to make it a good one! I thought long and hard about my word or theme and at first "perseverance" came to mind but it is a bit of a negative word, I think. I don't want to just drag myself through another year, I want to embrace it and thrive!! Embracing will require some action on my part. Here are some ways I intend to embrace 2009...
--I will create for sheer pleasure several times a week
--I will read my Bible EVERYDAY
--I will send out birthday cards...on time, to every family member!
--I will send out cards just because I can
--We will start a fund for a west coast family vacation in 2010. We want to visit some of the National Parks and this will require planning and sacrifice and we start today!
--I will focus on becoming healthier in '09
--I will look for ways to serve others, in big and small ways
--I will not let life pass me by

Today was a good start. I put in "Sense and Sensibility" and stamped for 3 hours this evening. Partly for pleasure, partly to make the birthday cards I need for this week. Those January birthdays will not catch me off guard this year, lol! Now I am off to read before bed.
Tomorrow I will post some photos!
What will YOU be doing to embrace 2009?

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lakind said...

Oh, Tracy, I love your ambition! I would like to do several of those as well! I only hope I can! Thanks for the inspiration!