Tuesday, August 25, 2009

All Inked Up

Distress Inks are messy, there is no way around it. On Saturday my friend Lynn and I took a class at our LSS. We made 3 different pieces, all on rectangle coasters using various Distress inks and Studio 490 stamps. We sponged until our arms ached and then sponged some more. Here are 2 of my pieces. The third isn't quite finished yet. My arm would've fallen off if I continued.

The one on the left was a bit of an experiment. I stamped a flower onto Grunge paper, stamping the top 3 times so I could cut the layers for added dimension. I am not sure what kind of flower it is, I think it looks like a tomato on a stick, lol! The end result I like though.
The one on the right uses a chipboard heart and house. The sentiment on the house reads, "In order to create, you must think outside the box". That pretty much sums up these pieces for me. Not my usual style, not my usual supplies. Still a fun way to spend 2 hours.
Today, do something outside the box!

For those of you who asked about the recipes for my canned goodies, here you go...
Blueberry Lime Jam
Peach Jam (I add a whole vanilla bean while it cooks and find it takes more like an hour)
Bread & Butter Pickles
Raspberry Jam-I followed the instruction inside the Certo package. A favorite


Lisa (lakind) said...

Great class projects! BSS always does a nice job with their classes. And thanks for links to the canned goodies...the raspberry lime looks so tempting! I may give it to a lady we know that makes jams! TFS!

Lisa (lakind) said...

That should say Blueberry lime jam, not raspberry! LOl!

Michele Boyer said...

Adorable! Love the warm, country feel!