Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Go Fly a Kite!

I had time to play with another one of the new stamps I picked at Buffalo Stamps. Flower Soft has a new line of stamps called Moments in Time and they are so wonderful for coloring. The one I bought is called "The Kite". Having 2 sons, 3 nephews and a big kid husband, this one just called my name.

I dragged out my dye inks and water brush and had some nice therapy time. As you can see, the stamp is quite large so I made it into a 5 1/4" square card. The sentiment is from an SU set.

My guys don't actually fly kites that often but they do like to throw boomerangs in the park. They are a little less weather dependant than kites. Hubby first got into boomerangs when we were dating and now he is teaching our boys. We have a lot of laughs in the process! Our last outing in the fall created a small scene as kids in the area started to gather for the show. I don't think they had ever seen anyone throw a boomerang before. At the end they gave the guys a standing ovation. Josh and Kaleb said they felt like rock stars, lol.

Oh how I long for green grass and warm breezes again! Hurry up spring.


My lifes inky escape and more said...

Very cute! Love your coloring on the little boy and kite!
Love your colors too :)

Pat said...

Love this boyish card. You are the one that should feel like a "rock star" after giving us the tip in your tutorial yesterday to cut our compostion books in half. I haven't ever seen anyone do this before.

Julia Aston said...

Love this stamp - that kite tail is great! and your coloring is wonderful - the embossed bg adds such texture to the card!

Charmaine said...

Love your coloring on this...so cute!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful card, Tracy! I was thinking that maybe if my husband had been interested in boomerangs, he would have come back by now. Just a thought. It helps to have a warped sense of humor at times!
P.S. Do you find that you prefer watercoloring with inks or watercolor crayons?