Sunday, May 02, 2010


We made it through the 3rd Annual WNY Spring Fest! It was a fantastic day in so many ways. There were 90+ stampers that came from Mass., Penn., Canada and all over NY. The weather was perfect, the projects were fun, the food was plentiful and the women were awesome.

Here is a somewhat blurry shot of the whole gym where our day took place. I love to see the chatter going on, stampers oooohing and aaaahing over new ideas, and generally women having fun just being together. Splitcoast is a great place to get to know stampers but meeting them in person is extra fun! I have to say it tickled me to hear the excitement in the air.
We held 2 sessions of shoe box swaps, ate lunch, had a demo/make-n-take by our local stamp store, tons of swaps and of course, tons of prizes! We sort of had a bird theme through out the day. Everyone got a birdhouse favor and a wooden card holder that hubby made. I even had a friend help me make t-shirts for some of us. The shirts ended up being a great way to identify our "helpers".

After the event we did a bit of shopping at Buffalo Stamps & Stuff and then had a great dinner. One of the things I really enjoy is seeing people from the first and second event. It is great to catch up with them and I am only sorry that some of them don't live closer! They have all come into my life as a result of stamping! Here is a shot of our dinner group.
From left to right: Melissa (my SIL), me (ignore the weird face;)), Lisa Kind, Michele Ghent, Cheryl Rowley, Diane Zechman and Karen Kunz. Michele looked all pretty in her pink dress so we made her our centerpiece, lol. I adore being with these ladies!! They ooze talent and are just so darn wonderful to be around.
At one point in the afternoon I stopped to take it all in. My husband, MIL and a friend's son were busy in the kitchen cleaning up from our lunch, my friends Lynn and Lisa were swapping out cards, Beth and Diane were jumping in to take care of some detail. This could not take place with out these people and many more! I am humbled by the generosity and friendship that is all around me. I am so grateful to be so blessed.
The family and friends that were staying at the house have gone home and now it is quiet, quiet in a sad kind of way. It means our event and weekend are truly history. I think I will get myself a bowl of ice cream and console myself by looking over the incredible swaps and projects from yesterday!


Cheryl said...

It was an amazing day and everyone who was there felt blessed to be in that huge room creating and chatting!
Love my little birdhouse!
And thanks for posting our post dinner pic! We all look happy even though we were just about to part!

Kim Kowal said...

I agree with Cheryl, it was an amazing day!! Everything was perfect Tracy. Love my little birdhouse and cardholder and of course all the rest of my goodies and swaps, etc. Should I start making swaps now for next year? lol

diane (cookiestamper) said...

Loved *everything*, esp. spending time with you all! ♥

Tilly said...

It was a great day and please thank your wonderful husband for the card display - what fun!

Gina Wrona said...


Loved your milk carton bird houses so much, I clipped & posted it for everybody to come visit you!