Friday, June 11, 2010


My computer at home has died. Just like that. No warning. No distress flags were waved. In between deep breaths and spurts of panic over potentially lost photos and such, I am trying to get an appointment with the computer doctor. I don't even have hubby's laptop since he is away at the moment. I will be back on Monday with another CHF blog hop but otherwise, it will be a bit quiet here until it gets fixed/replaced.

gasp, breathe, panic, breathe, gasp!!

Oh brother! How lame I am to feel so lost without my computer, lol.
Maybe I'll actually get some stamping done. Hey, what a novel thought!
Have a great weekend.


diane (cookiestamper) said...

aaack! I hope you get it fixed soon! I'm anxious to see your pic with Tim. :0)
Brian still needs to reload our computer from our bad virus attack but it's working fine now. *crossing fingers*

Lisa Kind said...

Oh, so sorry to hear about the demise of your faithful friend! Is a sympathy card in order for this? LOL! I know what you mean about no computer! I would go buggy! Hope you are able to retrieve all your info! Buy one of those backup drive thingys! Hope you get it fixed, but in the meantime stamp away! See you later today! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi if anyone here knows Tracy personally and can contact here by phone she may want to try the following helped us in the past..

For MUCH less money than an IT guys would cost to come out and then say sorry your pc is dead and he may/may not be able to retrieve any date for you ... I rcmd you buy a great gismo to retrieve data off many not ALL dead pcs .. ( depends on cause of death of your PC)

USB 2.0 to IDE SATA Adaptor Cable with Power Adaptor.. v easy to use

Plug one cable end into dead pc and other into healthy pc ( mates laptop, hubbys laptop) etc then healthy pc will read data from dead pc

In UK less than £20 from Amazon

Can buy them any IT Supplier if an IT guy is called in they will basiclally do this with their own version of this gadget and charge MUCH more than it costs to buy the gadget yourself.. OInce you have the gadget you can help others out too ..

Hope it helps

JKB said...

Great job! Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer Feel.