Monday, December 27, 2010

Mo Thinking

Wow! After the weeks of planning, shopping, baking, decorating and thinking about Christmas, it is all over. We had a lovely Christmas Eve service at church. I was so proud as our youngest helped to greet at the door, our oldest did one of the readings and hubby lead worship, played his trumpet and sang a special piece as part of a quartet. Greg rarely plays his trumpet anymore so it was a real treat! We are still enjoying family so we are stretching the festivities as long as we can.
I will say that I am glad to move beyond Christmas cards! In fact I chose to work with a Stampavie image that is as far from winter and Christmas as I could get.

This is an image by Mo Manning called "End of Summer". She totally looks like she has her head in the clouds so I had to add some white fluffies for effect. It felt so good to have markers in my hand after a couple weeks of taking a break.

Did you notice the photo? Greg got me a new light tent set up for my pictures. The lights are huge!! Unfortunately, one of the bulbs immediately blew when we assembled the lights so I am working with just one light at the moment. It is still a big improvement so there is no complaining coming from me! I am a happy camper!!

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Lisa Kind said...

Fun and refreshing for certain! Love the colors and the photo tent rocks! My lights are smaller...I know the ones you are talking about. I ordered that one and took it back because I didn't have room for the huge lights! But they are sooo much better than mine! Enjoy!