Friday, December 17, 2010

YUM Time!!

Hold onto your hats and's time for a classic Harp recipe. I didn't create it but I have been making it for years and well, you sorta become known for certain things after awhile. I made 2 small modifications this year and OM goodness! Over the top.

What is YUM? Some people call it White Trash, others call it White Chocolate Party Mix, but after eating it you will totally agree that YUM is the right name. I packaged some up to show you but there is no way I would give this package to someone! It is way too small and would in the end just be a cruel joke rather than a thoughtful gesture. It would be like offering someone one lick of an ice cream cone. Just. Not. Right.

There are several ingredients but it is oh so easy to make. Here is the original recipe, click on the photo to get a larger view. Then keep reading for my modifications.

As always, I keep my recipe cards simple so they will store well. No big or thick components. I used the SU ornament punch for my accent and the sentiment is from Paper Trey. Oh, and the fab and fun paper is from Echo Park.

As is, the recipe makes 5 quarts, enough to share if you feel so inclined. I give a lot away so I usually make between 3-5 batches. That is no joke! My whole 8' kitchen island is a sea of YUM. Often times instead of using the white chocolate chips I buy the huge 2.5 lb blocks of Ghiradelli white chocolate at Sam's club. It seems to melt a bit better for me but either way works. Everyone seems to have their favorite component and mine is hands down the Corn Chex. My least favorite are the pretzels but I still like them. This year I substituted half of the pretzels with mini animal crackers. Honestly, I can't distinguish the crackers in a huge way but I like them better than the pretzels. What put this year's batch over the top was subbing half of the regular Cheerios with half Chocolate Cheerios. That was the winner! The fun of this recipe is playing around with different ingredients. I may just stop playing now though, why mess with perfection, lol?

Change up the M&M's seasonally and enjoy all year round. I save it for Christmas otherwise I would be round. Ahem...rounder.

Hope you enjoy!


JeanFB said...

Hmmmmm... yum! Sounds wonderful Tracy! Thanks for sharing your recipe and Merry Christmas!

Kathy Martin said...

Yum is right! ;)

Doris D. said...

It does sound Yummy. Thanks for the recipe. I will be making some this week.