Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Monday

Another Monday, ugh! Weekends go by so fast. Hubby returned home at 2am Saturday. We are all so happy to have him back. While he was away he had severe pains that ended up being from a 7mm kidney stone. He was virtually pain free this last week and was able to complete his course work. Yesterday the pain returned, I am hoping he will be willing to go to the doctor to have the stone blasted so it can pass more easily. Poor fella.

I am finding life a bit hard to balance of late. Finding time and desire to stamp has been difficult. Instead I have been focused more on my duties of being a mom. After months of deliberation, I signed up for e-Mealz. The meal planning at our house has been severely lacking so I am hoping to get some help from the folks at e-Meals. If you haven't heard of them before, check out their site. Until the end of January you can use the code "organize" to save a few more dollars off the already reasonable rate. I am embarking on week one and some of the meals are simple enough for the boys to make. I will keep you posted. I would love to hear from anyone who has already tried them out.

One of the meals that we often rely on when ideas are short, is breakfast for dinner. I have a tried and true pancake recipe that we all love and it uses ingredients you most likely have in your cupboard. While Greg was away the boys and I made a batch, throwing in some frozen blueberries we picked last summer. They were soooo good!!! It was time I made a recipe card for my files since it's such an oft used recipe.

Here is a photo of our blueberry batch...

The basic recipe is simple and you can throw lots of different things into it...fruit, chocolate chips, pecans.

Click on the photo of the card to see a larger image.

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Kristine Reynolds said...

I always love your recipie cards Tracy! Hope all is well!

Lisa Kind said...

Oooh, these look yummy! I LOVE pancakes! I checked out the E-Mealz site, and I may subscribe! It looks wonderful! Thanks for the info! Hope hubby is well soon!

Bonnie said...

Poor Greg!! Hope he feels better soon. Those pancakes look wonderful. Thanks for the recipe!! It's hard to be creative all the time---you just needed a little break.