Thursday, February 24, 2011

Longing for Spring

It is against the law (not really, but almost) to wish away winter or any evidence of winter in our house. As soon as I mention it, Greg will go on his oft repeated monologue of how he moved me to paradise (Ft Lauderdale) and I complained about the heat so now I have to suck it up. I get no sympathy from hubby or the boys, instead they pray for snowstorms and for old man winter to do "his thing". Well, on MY blog I can complain all I want. I will keep it to a minimum so I don't tire all of you nice readers, lol.

So, today I have a touch of spring for you, even if this kind has nothing to do with what is going on outside my house.

This image is one of the latest Sarah Kay's released by Stampavie. I ripped a page from an old dictionary. Even though I bought the book for the purpose of using it in my crafting it still felt wrong to damage a book! Now that the first rip is done, the rest will be easier, right?

The boys are having friends from out of town for a couple of days. The "man cave" is next to my studio so it will probably be taken over by teens. If I know what is good for me, I will stay clear.

Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you. Grew up in California. Moved to Minnesota with my husband. I hate every winter we have. This year we are setting a record for snowfall! So complain away. : )

Nancy (Shady Tree Studio) said...

I kinda get the "don't wish it away" thought because I find things to complain about in other seasons (spring allergies, extreme heat and bugs) & do like parts of winter, but today was the first day I told myself I was kind of tired of it. Maybe a fresh snow will make it all pretty again but right now it's damp and bone-chilling and I'm tired of wet boots in the house! Let it all out here, Tracy -- we understand! :^)

And the card is lovely - I love the zig-zag/not stitching and the old dictionary page is wonderful. I need to get myself an old dictionary, too!

Hope making the card was a nice escape for you :^) .

Bonnie said...

Although I prefer the cold weather to extreme heat, I have REALLY HAD ENOUGH of the snow at this point. Feel free to complain all you want! Your card is not only beautiful, but very interesting with all of the extra touches---embossed background, stitching, fancy borders, flowers, and even the dictionary page!! I have bought books for that purpose also, but it is hard to tear pages out of them---it's totally the opposite of how we were taught to treat books! Love your card!!