Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Inky Son

My oldest son has a very cool hobby...wood turning. Three years ago my in-laws took him to a wood turners convention and he won a mini Jet lathe. He mostly turns pens, sometimes other small items. He was 12 when he started and now at 15 creates some beautiful pieces. Here is a photo of J when he first won his lathe in 2008.

Last fall he purchased a used 4-wheeler from his uncle, partly with a loan from yours truly. J has a monthly loan payment and when he fails to pay, repo-mom comes a-calling. Since his allowance does not fully cover his payment he has to find other means of earning money. In our house we call this "man training", developing a sense of responsibility and character!

J has turned some pens to sell and I offered to help him by posting them on the blog.

Gorgeous, right? Here are the details if you are interested in purchasing of J's wood turned pens...

Edited to add...all pens have been spoken for. My son is beaming with pride and will probably turn some more to offer in the future. Thanks!

A) executive style pen with gold trim, turned from maple burl wood-$22.00

B) silver finish slim line pen, J was unsure of wood type, may be kingwood -$17.00

C) Gold finish slim line pen turned from cocobolo wood, very interesting tropical wood with 2 toned variations-$17.00

Shipping is $3, US only for now

Contact me if interested, I can send info for paying with Paypal.



Lisa Kind said...

What a talented little guy you have there! These are amazing! I sent you an email!

Cheryl said...

Oh, yes! I'd love pen B if it's not spoken for yet!
If it is, perhaps J will take an order?
Gorgeous work! Cheryl

Bonnie said...

Wow!!! That is amazing work!! Congratulations, Josh, on learning to make such beautiful pens. I would like to order some for gifts. Keep us posted on what is available and I will place an order.