Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All Prettied Up

Hello! Have you adjusted to your fall routine yet? We are working on it at our house. Eldest son's last minute decision to play JV football is throwing us for a loop but as with most things, we just roll with it. The sleep in until the very last minute and then rush like a mad man so they don't miss the bus and have to pay the Dad taxi $5 for a ride to school routine is what makes me crazy.

I wanted a little something for the boss lady who is celebrating a birthday. I finally tackled my pig sty of a stamp room last night and had just a wee bit of time to put a gift together.

Remember this card from last month?

Well, I recently purchased these fun, vintage style bottles of lotion and hand soap by JR Watkins. Smelly lotions are a nice gift right? These particular ones are lemon scented.... so wonderful! They just needed a little dressing up to make a match to the card.

The covers will easily slide off so the products can be used. Easy Peasy.

Gotta run!

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Cheryl said...

Very, very nice gift!
Those mornings of yours sound a little hectic for me! I need lots of wake up time!

Angelnorth said...

The card is so pretty and I love your dress-up sleeves to make the lotions match! Love the idea of charging for the dad taxi, too!