Monday, November 21, 2011

Crafty Hair Accessories

We have 2 sons and I love them dearly. My husband, the gem that he is, has taught them to ooh and ahh over my creations and to even seem to appear interested. But they are teenage boys after all. My crafting does little for them and there is little I can make for them personally. Now my baking talents are a whole other ball of ribbon, lol.

I do however have 2 young nieces and for Christmas this year I am having a ball putting together little bags of do-dads for them. I do a LOT of couponing so have scored free lip glosses, eye shadows, nail polish, hair brushes, etc. I made some cute hair accessories for each of them using some of the items in my craft room.

One of the girls loves pink and the other purple. The pink flowers are from Stampin' Up and the purple ones are from Prima. I simply glued them onto some hair pins I picked up from Hobby Lobby. The tags were simply stamped in coordinating colors onto shipping tags.

So simple but fun! I hope they like them.

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Anonymous said...

Tracy, these hair pins are adorable and so perfectly presented with color coordinated tags! Your nieces will LOVE them and I have a feeling my granddaughters would also!!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.