Monday, October 02, 2006

Commercial Break

I have been very busy stamping but unfortunately can not upload any of my stuff yet. I am working on swaps for an event coming up and want to save them until then....but I am very happy with the results so I will be sure to post them in a few weeks.
Isn't this creature just so wonderful??!!! We took our boys to the New York State Fair in August and the animals are always a highlight for me. I love to see all the different kinds of chickens and rabbits, it reminds me what a wonderful sense of humor God must have, LOL!! We also had just gotten a new digital camera so I was putting it to the test. This ram was up on a platform being groomed and it just fascinated me. His chin was resting on a towel in some sort of neck thingie. He was so gorgeous, clean and amazing looking. He stood ever so still while his owner trimmed every out of place hair on his body. His horns were awesome but the poor thing couldn't see well because they were obstructing his line of vision. Talk about a bad "hair" day, this guy had bad horn day everyday!!
If you click on the photo a larger one will pop up....the photo came out so clear it is like you can touch him.
I know you came to see stamping and I will post more soon. In the mean time enjoy this commercial break!

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Lenita said...

Can't wait to see the new stuff. Cool
pic and you'd stand still if someone
was trimming you ;)