Thursday, December 07, 2006

Notecard Gift

Ok, I fibbed....I have found time to stamp and post this week. How I am not quite sure!!
Several years ago our family decided that gift giving was getting out of hand, not to mention expensive, so we started to draw names and only buy for one person. Of course, the children are fair game and all rules are out the window as far as they are concerned. Just fine by them too!!
The person I drew doesn't visit my blog but she will remain anonymous since we are supposed to keep it a secret. We are limited to a 25.00 gift so I have to be creative to get the most for my money. Stamping is such a great way to make wow gifts on a budget. I purchased this box awhile back at Tuesday Morning and knew I would use it to package a bunch of stamped items. Today I started with cards. I used those wonderful Fabriano Mediovalis reply cards to make a set of 8 cards, 2 of each kind. The watercolor paper makes layers unnecessary and the 3.5x5 size makes them fun to work with. Since the box is yellow, sorta shabby chic and has a sunflower looking flower in the center I went with the Serene Sunflower set. I stamped the 2 layers of petals in a variety of colors, highlighting the centers and edges with a deeper tone marker. Some of the flowers are in yellow with brown highlights and others are tones of rust, mustard and red. I used my aqua painter to smooth out the colors a bit and a sponge dauber and chocolate chip ink to give a distressed look on the edges.
It's a big box so I have far to go to fill it. I am having so much fun with this one. I hope she enjoys it. Just in case I have a non stamping gift to give as well.
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Jenny Mick said...

Those are beautiful! What a great idea for a gift on a budget!

Dale Anne Potter said...

What a GORGEOUS box and the cards are FABULOUS!!!
I'm sure the person will LOVE it all.