Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday Tip

So I have another Tuesday Tip to share. This may be more helpful to demos but non-demos may find of interest. I make TONS of cards and if I only have one of them I hesitate to send them out because it can a "sample" for my customers. Believe me there is plenty of selfishness disguised in that excuse, truth be told I am a hoarder! In reality how many samples does one person need??? Well, I have hundreds, shhh, don't tell anyone!! I have them in shoe boxes and in piles. Boxes aren't the best way to keep them in pristine condition or for best viewing. Last year I invested in some binders and photo pages that fit an A2 size card. I can fit 8 cards in one sleeve if I place them back to back in the pockets. I take a binder to workshops so people can get a wide range of ideas of what rubber stamping is all about. The best part is that they don't get mangled in the handling process. I found the albums, which are plastic 3-ring binders a bit larger than office ones, on-line at Century Photo. I also got the pages there, they are the Polaroid size ones (CK-PP100-534PK). The link will take you to a value kit they offer where you can purchase one album and 2 sets of pages (50total) for a value price of 18.39. I would suggest ordering an extra album as you will never be able to fit all those filled sleeves in one album. The albums alone are only 3.99. This system has been great for me. I use it all the time for showing customers and also for myself if I am dry for ideas. It takes up little space on a shelf and is the best way I have found to view cards.
I hope this helps you if you were looking for a way to store or display your wonderful creations!
Happy day!


Laura said...

Thanks for the tip! I had just been thinking about doing something like this and so it was great to see your visual. Question: Do you have a whole card or just the card front in the sleeves? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. I have a ton of cards too.

I really wanted to leave a comment because I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog!! You and Debbie O are my favorites and I appreciate that you guys post almost every day! My favorite thing to do at night is to log on and see what you guys have been doing :-)

Thanks for all the inspiration and keep stampin' and bloggin'

Donelda (wiggydl on SCS)

mommy magallanes said...

Wow. What a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing this.

Linda said...

What a great idea. But . . . I can't fine the CK-PP100-534PK photo pages. Do you think they're out of stock or discontinued?


Michelle D. said...

I LOVE this! I'm not a demo but I do enjoy being able to easily view RAK cards I've received, as well as cards I've cased and enjoy having to look at. I have made a RAK album with a 12 X 12 scrapbook and I've sewn square pockets into the page protector pages, but thats a lot more work that this beautiful album you have here! How I'd love to be able to flip through the pages of your album as just the 8 cards I can see here are all so beautiful!

Thanks so much for sharing this awesome idea!