Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Questions and Answers

Sorry, no new creations to share today, a very fun but late workshop last night and my church stamping class tonight make for one tired stamper! But I thought I would answer some of your questions.
1-- Someone asked which set the Happy Valentine sentiment is from on the penguin card. It is in the All Year Cheer III set, still current in the SU catty.
2--Try this link for the Polaroid pages, you will need to scroll down a ways but they are they. Or if you have to go to the main page, go to photo sleeves, then Century Poly photo pages, and then Century Classic Poly photo pages. Again, you need to scroll down and you will come to the Polaroid sized ones.
3--I store both card fronts and full cards in my sleeves. I have one binder that is just swaps and those are all card fronts. I tend to make full cards and as long as there aren't tons of layers or embellishments you can still fit 2 full cards, back to back, in each pocket. Honestly, I have never found a card so thick it wouldn't fit.

I hope that answers all the questions that were lingering out there. Don't hesitate to ask any others or ask for clarification.
Blessings on your day!

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