Monday, February 19, 2007

Dates to Remember

This is a project that one of my host club members requested...a purse sized calendar to keep track of important dates. SU has one but it is quite large and definitely too big for your purse. I also loved another opportunity to use the Rubicoil binder I have.
The book is 4 X 4.25" inches. I used my Printmaster program to design the calendar pages and each one has 15 lines for information. I imagine most people will find the space sufficient but the backs of each page are blank if they need more room. We used chocolate chip card stock for the front and back covers. I let each person design their own covers using the papers and stickers from the host scrap kit, Flowers and Friends. They created some way cute covers, I only wish I had thought to take a photo of them!! I printed out "Dates to Remember" on my computer and punched them out with the word window punch. We used some pearlized white coils for the binding. There was no stamping involved but I think they all liked the practical project. Just like the punch guide I showed earlier, this idea is easy to do even if you don't have a Rubicoil. If you insist on binding, I know places like Staples and Office Max can do it fairly inexpensively.
Now, I just need to start using it so I am not tardy with any more birthday wishes!!
Blessings on your day!!

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Colleen said...

This is a great idea! Do you happen to know what size coils you used?