Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Spritz Away

In October, CHF sponsored the challenges over on the Gingersnap Creations blog. Each week there was a different challenge and we had to option to participate if we wanted. When the last week rolled around, I plum ran out of time and steam! I hated to miss it so I told myself it would be alright. I saw the card Joanne was submitting and it was beautiful. She used some Glimmer Mist which I had just been playing with earlier that week. "No" I told myself, I didn't have time. The day we needed to submit our projects, I walked by this stunning maple tree, in full yellow splendor, and I could resist no longer. Between the leaves and Joanne's card I was totally inspired. I picked up several leaves and raced home at the end of the day to spray away with my Glimmer Mist bottles. Here is the card I ended up with, just in time to join in the challenge (and take away the guilt I was feeling, lol).

I took a piece of natural, flecked paper and used some removable adhesive to tack down the leaves. I sprayed Forest Green and Suede Glimmer Mist over the whole paper. When I removed the leaves the white space left behind was a bit too stark and the 2 colors seemed a bit too boring. I used some red Glimmer Mist sparingly to add a touch of color. Once it was dry, I embossed the Nesting Maple Leaf from Shady Tree Studios (CHF) in gold. The edges of the paper were outlined with a Krylon Gold Leafing pen.

The challenge was to post something about what we are thankful for. I used a sentiment from the Friendly Kritters Scripture set because I am thankful for the many blessings God has showered me family, my home, our church.

Tip: I am new to the whole Glimmer Mist thing, however, I found that even heavy paper will tend to curl under the wetness of the spray. At least it did for me because I was going for heavy coverage. When the paper curls, the ink runs down to the edges. Personally, I didn't like the pooled, muddy mess it left on the edges after it dried. My solution was to cut a piece larger than I needed and after it dried, trim off those unsightly edges. Now that I think about it, it might also be solved by using removeable adhesive to tack down my paper so it can't curl. I will try that next time. That may just have been a "duh' moment, lol!

Blessings on your day!


Julie said...

Your card is just beautiful, Tracy! So glad you found the time to do it! I'm just learning with the Glimmer Mist, too--used it on my two cards yesterday, and have the same issues with it. I tried some thing, though, yesterday, and it seemed to work--immediately after spraying, I just softly smeared the blotchy, pooled areas with my finger and spread it around--worked great!

Diana said...

Gorgeous! I love the glimmer mists, but it sounds like they have some new colors since I bought mine!!! I love the different leaves and treatments. Gorgeous!

Cheryl said...

Hi Tracy, I'm on at work so will be brief! YOur work is spectacular and I love all the explanation, details yougive!

On the ornament boxes below can you tell me what Holiday Su paper that is? Is is from the current books? Thanks for any help!

ps. I love it!

JeanFB said...

Tracy, this card is sooooo very elegant! Really captures the beauty of autumn. And... I'm glad to hear someone else gets driven nuts by those mists! I'm always thinking I must be completely dense, 'cuz everyone talks like they're a piece of cake, but I always struggle with them, LOL! Glad to see you (and some of your commentors :) need to work through the "bugs", too. You seem to have mastered using them for beautiful creations! TFS!

scrappingnana said...

Your card is beautiful. Love those Glimmer Mist sprays. That sentiment makes it perfect. TFS

Anne (cornucopia) said...

This card is exquisite Tracy! It's a fantastic mix of colors and embossing. Thank you for sharing how you created it. It is a beautiful and inspiring piece of art. And thanks for leaving me this link so I could come here to leave a comment. I really liked this when I saw it over on Gingersnap Creations! :-)