Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Cake Balls

Last year a friend from church brought chocolate cake balls to a small group meeting we had at our house. Oh. My. Goodness! My husband calls them chocolate death balls if that tells you anything, lol. I decided to make them for a cookie exchange we had last night. My friend told me the recipe was simply mixing a baked cake with a can of frosting, rolling them into balls and dipping them in chocolate. I wanted a few more details than that. Little did I know when I began to search the net for an official recipe that these little bites of goodness have quite the following. I guess I was living under a rock.

Well, I whipped up some for the exchange and since it is a group of stampers, I had to make packaging to go with it. A simple kraft coffee bag that I stamped with some snowflakes. I took the colors of red and chocolate brown from the papers I put the cake balls in. Remember, I said I was all about simple this year.

Simple can also = special. Aren't they delightful?? And oh so yummy! The cake balls have minimal ingredients and though they involve a bit of chilling time, they are not hard to make. To make things less messy and faster, I used a small cookie scoop to form the balls.

Here is the recipe card I made to go with each bag. I wouldn't consider them a holiday treat but I went for the matchy-matchy factor.

I read lots of different recipes. The ingredients were basically the same but the chilling times varied. If you click on the photo you should be able to read the recipe. I listed several different variations of cake mix and frosting options. Oh the possibilities!

This one is a definite keeper!

Tip #2 on a meaningful Christmas is up on our family blog... spend less.

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Dawn said...

As one of the receivers of the Cake Balls I must agree with Greg !!!!! And so easy to make what could be better.
Thank you Tracy for your patience last night with our tagalongs was just going to drop Emily off as part of not just thinking of myself, but I will admit I'm glad I stayed

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. I can't wait to try it!!!


Crystal (crystalscraftingandrambling) said...

Oh. my. word! These sound sooo wonderful! I guess I must be living under a rock, too. ;-) Wish I had known about these a couple weeks ago...just did our annual bakefest...hmmm...maybe I'll just make these on my own someday...thanks so much for sharing! :)

joyk said...

oh.........OH.......OHHHHHHHH! These sound like trouble with a capitol T. LOL Thanks for sharing!

angie said...

these lokk so yummy and sounds easy to make. thanks for sharing I think these would make a beautiful christmas gift.