Friday, March 26, 2010

All Shook Up!

Let's talk Elvis. Whether you like his music and movies or not, you know who I am talking about at the mere mention of his first name. He is indeed a legend. I remember him, I remember my parents talking about him and listening to his music. I used to love watching those beach movies he was in. I have a fondness for Elvis for the simple reason that he reminds me of my Dad. In his younger years my Dad kinda looked like him. Check out this photo of my Dad in his early 20's, posing with his pride and joy Thunderbird.
Today CHF is releasing a new set in the Elvis line, called "Elvis Silhouettes". Three of the images were previously available wood mounted but this whole set is cling mount which saves you quite a few bucks. I like the variety of images in this set. Here are two of my samples.
I love this paper by Cosmo Cricket. Ahhh, cassette tapes, what memories. Don't you miss all the rewinding and fast forwarding? NOT! Just one more of man's inventions that came and went in my lifetime.
How about vinyl? I remember those too! The very first album I ever bought was the soundtrack to the movie Fame. I wore out that record, lol. That one and Donna Summer's On the Radio.
My imagination went a little crazy making this card. The clear arrow embellishment reminded me of the needle on a record player. Greg couldn't see it, sheesh!
Elvis looks pretty good in red glitter, don't you think? The sentiment is from the Domestic Love set, I thought it worked perfectly.
Well, this has been a fun time of walking down memory lane. Now I am going to search out that Fame album just for kicks.
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Lisa Kind said...

Great Elvis cards! I see the arrow as the needle, totally! And cassette tapes? I remember 8-tracks! LOL!!!

Laura O'Donnell said...

you did such a great job with these stamps!