Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Monday!

Another weekend that went by too fast! On Saturday we celebrated Greg's 43rd birthday. He cooked an amazing steak for our dinner...mmmm. It almost made up for the disaster of a cake I made. I made, or should I say attempted to make, Texas Sheet cake; the same recipe I have made dozens of times before, in the same pan I've always used. Except that this time something failed, the cake overflowed all over the oven (creating a huge mess to clean) and looked terrible. Totally aggravating! Since it could not be cut into pieces, Greg and the boys ate it with spoons. Some kind of birthday cake that turned out to be! The chocolate cream pie I bought to redeem the dessert time was outstanding, so it was not all a loss, lol.

Yesterday after church we went on a long walk along the Erie Canal. The water is currently emptied out of the canal but it was nice to get out, walk and take in some family time. I love my family! Better yet, I love that our family enjoys each others company. We laugh, we talk, we enjoy. God has given us a great gift and I cherish it.

Last week in class, we made a card using the Magic Pencil technique, known to some of you as Gamsol and pencils. There are so many great mediums out there and this one is definitely cheaper than Copic markers. It can be soothing to color away and the Gamsol blending lets you work away at building up the color until you like the finished result. I am by no means an expert but we did have fun with it.

I hope you had a nice weekend! Thanks to Easter this weekend we have a 4 day week at work and school. It's a good thing.

Thanks for stopping by. Blessings on your day.

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Anonymous said...

What an absolutely beautiful card. The colors (and your coloring) are exquisite !! Even more beautiful were your thoughts about your family and enjoying time together. If only more families would take the time to enjoy each other and treasure what they have ! Thank you for sharing that.