Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Looking For...

some help. I will be doing another tutorial on the CHF blog next week. Any suggestions for what you might like to see? I am open to ideas.

I realized I missed a release last week too. CHF is starting to come out with some new art by Sara England, different "emerging" images. Last Tuesday the first 2 mini sets were released, Emerging Dolphin and Emerging Dragonfly. Here is a sample of the dragonfly set.

It is a beautiful image. Each summer we rent a cottage in the Finger Lakes with my brother and his family. Two years ago one of the kids found a dead dragonfly. It was missing a wing but it was spectacular to look at. The colors are so bright and the wings so intricate. I took some photos of it to try to capture all the detail. We tried to bring it home to preserve it but it stunk sooooo bad we had to throw it away. Decomposing dragonflys...not so beautiful, lol.
Be sure to leave me some ideas for tutorials.
Blessings on your day!

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Laura Howell said...

Nice card! The colors and the layout are great.