Thursday, May 27, 2010


When I was an SU Demo I purchased mainly SU stamps which come in nice plastic cases. They were easy to store on a media bookcase I have. Alphabetical by case size, of course! In the last several years I have added a ton of stamps from various companies. Some are clear stamps, some unmounted, some wood mounted, some just rubber. OY! It created a bit of storage issue for me. When I started on the Cornish Heritage Farm DT I already owned several of their stamps and of course now my collection has multiplied. If I can't see it or easily find it, it might as well not exist! My CHF sets were in clear shoe boxes which I quickly determined was NOT working for me. I still have several storage methods going on in my stamp studio but I have to share one that is totally working for me! You've probably heard about them but let me introduce you to the Clip it Up!

Oh my! I can not express the delight I have when I look at my stamps now. I actually have 3 of these, got them on a 40% off sale several months ago. I wanted one for a loooong time but couldn't justify the expense so when I saw the sale I couldn't hit the order button fast enough, lol. It was easy to assemble and comes with more clips than you'll use. It also comes with divider tabs and stickers for you to label. I am currently using 2 of them for my CHF collection. I have divided them by the various lines of stamps they carry. CHF includes a thick plastic sheet with their stamps so after I trim them I adhere them to the clear sheet and clip it up along with the original packing it came with so I have a quick view of the images. I was so surprised at how much these things hold. I purchased the regular base unit. I have over 50 stamp sets on one of them! Yeah baby, that's a lot of stamps! All my backgrounders, scrapblocks and sentiment sets are on a second unit. Just this last week I took the 3rd unit out of the box and am using it for the mix of other stamps I have as well as packages of embellishments. Ahhh, no more piles on my desk and things are so easy to find!

Bliss I tell you!

I did a quick google search to see if they were on sale anywhere. Amazon has them right now for $51.67 plus free shipping. That will save some $$$. I check the Clip it Up site frequently and if they happen to go on sale again I will let you know.

I'll be back tomorrow with a couple fun things, hope to see you then!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy, You are so funny! I just have 7 words for you, "If you give a girl a stamp". Ha! Ha! That's what I thought of when I read about your new spindels. I'm right there with ya! Blessings to you, Rea

Laura O'Donnell said...

I wish I had bought one of these back when you told us about the sale. Looks great!

diane (cookiestamper) said...

Hey Tracy, it's $47.88 now...I just ordered one. :0)