Sunday, October 17, 2010

Change of Plans

It is Sunday and I apologize for being absent most of this week. I ran out of samples to post and ran out of time to create anything new. I set aside yesterday to get a bunch of things done and was happily derailed by a surprise visit from my brother-in-law and his girlfriend. They live outside of Boston and we haven't seen them since last Christmas. The in-laws were accomplices to the secret. We spent a good portion of the day showing them the Falls and Niagara River. When you live a stone's throw from something, you tend to take it for granted. People travel from all over the world to see Niagara Falls and we hardly give it a second thought. When we get the chance to play tourist with our guests we are reminded of the spectacular beauty in our back yard.

I thought I would invite you along for the ride, even if just through a few photos.

This is a fantastic time of year to visit the area, the leaves are full of color, the air is crisp and the tourist counts are down. The Niagara River flows south to north, eventually dumping its water into Lake Ontario. This photo was taken in Lewiston, towards the northern end of the river. This is the Queenston-Lewiston bridge, the northern most crossing into Canada. Although the water appears somewhat calm, it is flowing at a good rate.

As you go south, closer to the falls, the water gets rougher. Niagara River is very dangerous, many people have died on it. Whirlpools spontaneously erupt and can drag boats and people under. A local womans husband was sucked under in his boat and drowned WITH a life jacket.

Across the river on the rocks are people fishing. They are tiny so you have to look closely. The waves can get up to 12"-20" high. The perspective is deceiving. The aqua color of the water is awesome!

This is our youngest with Uncle Jon. Behind them is Horseshoe Falls, the Maid of the Mist boat and the Canadian side. The amount of water rushing over the edge is breathtaking!

Here is a shot of most of the family. We were right on the edge of the water that is just upstream from Bridal Veil Falls, part of the American Falls. We reached down to touch the cold water.

This last one is a shot of the Rainbow Bridge crossing into Canada. Hmmm, I wonder where the name came from, lol. The falls on the right are the American Falls.

That brings us to the end of our tour. Hope you enjoyed it!

Now I had better get busy or I will have another week of no samples ;(.


Sharon said...

We went to Niagra Falls and area a few years ago for a family vacation. It was beautiful. We enjoyed it much better than our Toronto portion of the vacation.

Cheryl said...

Loved your tour, thank you! Sounds like a wonderful day! We HAVE to get back up there, it's been years for us though it's a short trip!

Heidi Karpen said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures, Tracy- I miss New England so much at this time of year I can't stand it! Looks like it was a gorgeous weekend all around~