Thursday, November 04, 2010

Prayer Cards

I find I am always in need of cards to send to folks at church. My stash gets depleted faster than I can make them. The solution, keep them simple so I can get more done. Over the weekend I dug through some neglected paper and did these 2 cards.

They both use stamps from Verve, the image is from the set called Serenity and the sentiment is from the set called Notes of Prayer. Each one has a bit of embossing on it. I was tempted to sew on them but that would defeat the purpose of a simple card. I did use a tracing wheel on the second one but that only took seconds.

It is a silly thing, but I find it much easier to send simple cards. The ones I labor over are hard to let go. What is the point of making cards that never get used?? Silly!

Have a super duper day ;)


Cheryl said...

These are simply elegant! I know just what you mean~ I have a stash of cards that I've labored over and can't seem to part with! I try every once in a while to get rid of a few, but not enough!

forgot to mention I got my prize last week-Thank you!!

Kathy Martin said...

Sweet cards! :)