Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Worth It

For the rest of this week I have a line up of simple cards to share. This week, simple is good and just what the doctor ordered.
This American Art Stamp image (called Worth It) made me giggle every time I saw it so on my last trip to Hobby Lobby it came home with me. I can think of plenty of folks in my life that will enjoy this card and sentiment! The card itself is so simple I don't have anything to say about it ;).

Just as an aside...does daylight savings drive anyone else crazy?? In the fall we "gain" an hour when we turn the clocks back. Then for the next two weeks I lose an hour or so each day because the puppy, kids and my own biological clock are on the old time!! Sheeesh!!!

Have a great day, thanks for visiting.


Michele Boyer said...

SO cute, Tracy! Just makes me giggle! (And I feel the same about the time change. I'm awake at 5 and ready for bed at 9!)

Lana said...

I love this card Tracy!
Lana x