Thursday, June 16, 2011

Homemade Gifts

Nobody likes a Wendy Whiner so I have tried to keep my grumbling to a minimum here. The busyness of life and work has really been taking its toll on me. My creative time has become very limited and when I try, the ideas and creativity seem to flow so slowly that crafting has become painful and anything but enjoyable. I have even entertained the idea of quitting altogether but I know I would miss it.

Last night I worked on a project for the Stampavie blog and I had a thoroughly enjoyable time!! Nothing super novel or exciting, in fact I used a box/basket idea I have done before. But I took my time and just puttered away until I was pleased with the end result.

The image is called "Adele Enjoys Fresh Apples" from the Sarah Kay collection. The recently purchased package of Spellbinder Apple dies happened to be nearby so I incorporated the medium size into the design. Yep! That is more of my sloppy stitching, lol. I'm gonna make it my signature look ;)
I did this tutorial on the CHF blog awhile back. The above box is just a modified version with an open top. Instead of a 12" piece, I used a 9" square piece, scored at 3" and 6" in both directions, cut on the score lines on opposing sides and assemble. The handle is just a strip of cardstock attached with brads.

Here is a close up of Adele...

I originally made the box to fit a canning jar and this one has a jar of my jam inside. The box/basket is good for so many goodies so don't just think canning jars.

It felt so good to enjoy my creative time rather than walking away frustrated! There is hope.


Tammie E said...

Sometimes it's better to step back and take a break to regain your sanity. When you do come back to it, it's like you never left only it's fun again! I know, I just took a couple months for myself. It seems like everything I was doing was because of a committment and not because I love to craft. I felt guilty at first for taking a break, but it's just what I needed.

I wish you the best in trying to juggle life and your hobby. Your projects are always beautiful!

Karen M said...

Hi Tracy
I remember someone once saying that life was something that got in the way of crafting and I thought 'I hope I never feel like that'. Why? Because we have only one life to live and the people that God has given to us to share our lives are far more important than any paper and stamps! The crafts will still be there when the people are not. So now, I have learned to prioritise...people and life first and then, when I have a bit of time left, even if it is only once a week, it's quality, guilt-free time to craft!! Sorry, I hope this doesn't sound like a sermon, but it's just what works for me xx

Renee said...

How cute!! What a great idea and a darling one at that! Love your box and all your coloring as well!!

Creative Hayes Creations said...

Very cute idea..and glad you not gonna giving many possibilities that one can use this box for..thanks for the link to the tutorial.

Kim said...

Tracy, So glad you havn't given up!! We all need to take that time. When it's not fun anymore you know you need a break. I love your "signature" stitching, looks a ot like mine when I get a chance to do it, lol. Love your project and Adela is colored perfectly. Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs,

Lisa Kind said...

I know how you feel, Tracy! Too much going on and crafting sometimes DOES feel like a chore! But I'm glad you continued on...this is so pretty! I love the fence at the top and that image is just so adorable! Maybe we need a girls' crafting day to remedy our crafting rut! Hope to see you soon!

Bonnie said...

What an adorable project, Tracy!! Life does get overwhelming and way too busy and we have to allow ourselves to take a little time off now and then just to regroup. You will always have your talent and it will be waiting for you when you're ready to use it!