Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Over in a Flash

Howdy! Our vacation has now come and gone. We had a fabulous week but it went by way too fast. I thought I would share a couple shots of our time.

We hiked 2 1/2 miles of trails at Robert Tremen State Park outside of Ithaca, NY. Stunning waterfalls and foliage. It was quite the hot day but we survived thanks to lots of shade.

At the end Greg and the boys jumped into a swimming area where the water was a cool 68 degrees. To say it was refreshing would be putting it lightly!

We went to Harris Hill in Elmira, NY so Greg and the boys could go on a glider ride. They loved it! My mom and I kept our feet firmly planted on the ground.

This is Greg with his 20 year old pilot! Greg stressed a bit at first with the idea of someone so young at the wheel but Corey has been the US junior national champ twice. It all went off flawlessly.

Here are the three of them post flights, beaming!!

We also enjoyed lots of time on Cayuga Lake. After 5-6 years of trying, our oldest (15) finally got up on skiis. I was about to think I might never see the day but he gets A+++ for perseverance.

I am working through loads and loads of laundry and packing our oldest up for his 3 week trip on a conservation crew in PA. Once I get settled I will be back with some projects!


Cheryl said...

Don't we have some amazing things to do and places to visit right in our own state!
Beautiful pics, trace and thanks for sharing!

Nancy said...

What fun!! Looks like a fabulous time. Brought back memories of a glider ride I went on 35 years ago!
Love the waterfalls.

Welcome home!