Wednesday, August 31, 2011

True Friend

I used to think of myself as a multi-tasker, able to juggle lots of things at once. If you are a mom, then you do this regularly--like cook a meal, open mail, help your child with homework and unload the dishwasher pretty much simultaneously. I do those kinds of things, no sweat. But I find juggling other things more challenging lately. Like working and stamping. Actually, working and anything. For the last 8 months I have been concentrating a lot of my time on couponing and stockpiling food/personal care items when a sale is good. I am not one of those "extreme" people but I have built up a nice stash of free body wash, tooth paste, deodorants, cheap cereal, peanut butter and such. It is crazy the things you can get for free. Well, for tax here in NY cause they want their pound of flesh. But it has taken up my mental and physical time. We have a goal of paying off all our debts, cars, ect and besides being very fun, all this time is yielding lots of savings. It just doesn't leave much time for other things. To everything there is a season. That is really why I am not posting here as much as I used to. Although I like to think of myself as superwoman, I clearly am not, lol! I am not giving up on the stamping though, don't worry.

I have a Stampavie image to show you today. I posted this on the company blog last week. The image is called "Storybook Friends" by Tina Wenke. These little girls are adorable, no?

The coloring is a combination of Copics and pencils. The paper is Bo Bunny. The sentiment was stamped and punched out with a circle punch, I folded over the top edge and attached it with a mini library clip. It is not permanently adhered so if I change my mind later, off it comes! Flexibility is a good thing!

Well, I have to leave for work. If anyone has a spare winning lottery ticket lying around, you can send it to me and I will quit my job and stamp more!!


Country Mouse said...

Tracy..this is such a beautiful card! I love that image...reminds me of my sister and I. I agree with your posts, sometimes we try to think we are "SuperMOM" and can do it all..but I, myself, realized it's just not possible. My life is similiar to yours, I cut coupons, the only debt we have is the 5th car (college sons) and God willing will pay that one off in March. Feels good to own your home, cars, and not owe huge amounts of $. It's a blessing. I wish you well, thank you for your post and card!

Lisa Kind said...

I hate that work gets in the way of crafting too, Tracy! I'm going back next week and I'm going to miss the time I had to craft whenever! I remember those days when we owed everyone money does feel great to be debt free! Good luck with all your cost-saving efforts! Missed you lots last week at the stamping event. I think I owe money to various stamp companies now that I think of it! LOL! Commented on your card on the Stampavie it as usual! Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Bonnie said...

First, I love your card! The little friends are adorable and you carried out the book theme perfectly with the library card. Second, the work we have to do definitely squelches a percentage of our creativity and I find that really annoying but there's no hope of it changing anytime soon. Third, I was recently intrigued by one of the couponing shows and I can see how you would be tempted to try it! Good luck!!