Thursday, September 21, 2006


I am so slow in becoming blog savvy! I have heard from a few that they couldn't leave messages without being a registered user. I think I have managed to change the settings on the comment feature so now anyone can leave a comment. Please do leave comments or questions, it would help me to know if the site is being visited and is helpful.
Have a great evening!


teach4mrs.h said...

Your bog is amazing! It is a wonderful showcase for your outstanding creativity and lots of fun to browse through! I really like the tutorial. What a great idea! Your cards are beautiful. I especially like the retro wish card. Thanks for sharing your creative genius with us! :-)
Your friend, Lesa

Anonymous said...

HOORAY! i wanted to thank you so much for the awesome tutorial but i wasn't registered! i visit daily and i really enjoy all that you tell us. the cards are so pretty, thanks for all the work you do putting them here! thanks for giving us the opportunity to tell you well - THANKS!

Anonymous said...

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