Tuesday, June 03, 2008

More of the Same

Our house is a mess, and I mean every last room!! The kitchen renovation has taken over our lives, lol. I am actually dealing quite well, if I do say so myself. The only problem is it leaves little time left for stamping and when I do get a chance, I am too tired for the creative juices to flow. Remodeling aside, I think we all find ourselves in that place on occassion. We want to stamp and have the motivation and creativity but it just isn't there. This is a perfect time to CASE a card or take out some of your more loved cards and make more of the same. Replenish your stash again.

That is what I did the other day. Remember this card? I made more of the same but changed up the sentiments and colors.

Left card: old olive, taken with teal and pumpkin pie paired with a PT sentiment

Right card: certainly celery, groovy guava and soft sky paired with the sentiment from the Spring Solitude set.

The rest is the same. I felt productive at the end of the night when I completed 8 cards and my weary brain could handle it, lol! Today I felt even better when I sent out the stack of thank you's to all the folks from church who have brought us meals these last 2 weeks.

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Doris said...

I can certainly identify with the chaos of having work done, especially in the kitchen. (See the May 27 entry on my blog and the link to Fox Mtn. blog for details.)
Haven't checked your blog in awhile, and I'm so glad I did--your cards are stunning!

clueless said...

Since we're seeing this card again, I thought I'd let you know how much I loved the original. I've cased it twice already. I love this design because it's simple but eye catching. Great when you need a card quick! Thanks for sharing your wonderful work. :D