Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

That is what Val challenged the Dirty Dozen with this month. Create something that included dog images or sentiments and colors of late summer (reds, oranges, yellows). Our only restriction was no flock or fuzzy type embellishments. I had to search my stash pretty hard to come up with anything with a dog! Hard to believe with all those stamps I came up so short. But once I found this adorable Magnolia image I was off and stampin'.
I have a little friend who is now 5 and headed to kindergarten next week. This card is for her as she embarks on this new adventure called school. I made the main image into a removable bookmark so she can use it when she is reading. She too is a blondie and other than the color, the doggie looks almost identical to the stuffed animal that is her treasured friend! Though truth be told, she is the ultimate girlie girl and I am sure will be wearing dresses to school, not jeans, lol!
I used a library card stamp for the inside.
The paper is more of the Bo Bunny line that I am fixated on this week.
The gallery for this months theme can be found here. I am sure as the day goes on, more will be uploaded. Those west coast gals are still probably in dream land, lol!


Michele Boyer said...

Oh my gosh, Tracy! This is SOOO cute! I absolutely love it!

Colleen Kramer said...

Oh this so clever! And adorable! You've inspired me to try something with the pile of library cards I've been storing. Thanks!