Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Monday

We had a very full weekend at the Harp house! The boys had friends over for the weekend, we had a birthday party for our youngest and I spent lots of time in my stamp room getting ready for Spring Fest and some upcoming CHF releases. It always feels good to be productive.

One great thing about working ahead with releases is that I have a lot of photos of projects piled up from weeks ago that I forgot about. I made a gel card using the Water Nutz set released earlier this month. My boys get such a kick out of squishing the card. Squish too hard though and it is all wrecked, lol. I felt like the Charman guy telling them not to squeeze the TP.

Here is a bookmark I made using another Tom Fun set called My Pets I. It seems we are always losing bookmarks in our house.

I have a date for surgery, May 3rd. Two weeks from today! But for today, it is off to work.

Have a good one!

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kim kowal said...

Very cute, I love the "squishy" cards, haven't made one in a long time. Glad you have a date for your surgery, soon after Spring Fest. See you May 1.