Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Are you over run with tomatoes from your garden? Despite eating tomato sandwiches and salads every day we still had a mountain of tomatoes. And there are more coming. The $5 I spent on 12 small plants this spring more than paid off.

Several years ago I was getting box fulls of tomatoes from folks at church so I searched out a spaghetti sauce recipe to use them up. It was hard to find a recipe that used fresh tomatoes rather than strictly canned ones but I did finally find one. It makes a huge batch, perfect for freezing future meals. You can cook it on the stove top but in the heat of summer I opt for my electric roasting pan, letting it just simmer away for hours. To get the best flavor, I cook meatballs and/or sausage right in the sauce. We tried hot sausage one year and the flavor was incredible but too spicy for us so I stick with mild sausage now. The photo isn't the best as it was dark and raining out the night we enjoyed our meal, but here it is...

Of course I had to create a recipe card for my files. The embellishment on this one was a freebie when I ordered some items from Etsy. Works for me!

My other favorite thing to make with tomatoes is salsa. I have already posted that recipe here. Just gotta find more time in the day.

This afternoon we head back up to Toronto so my mom can catch her flight back to Germany. Her visit just flew by. Sniff, sniff!

See you later!


diane (cookiestamper) said...

This sounds similar to my recipe but it calls for 1/2 bushel tomatoes. Thank goodness we have a Victorio strainer! LOL. You can't beat homemade sauce though...we've been making our own for 25 years! I recently ran out of jars and had to buy some. Didn't like it very much!
You are doing great getting your recipe cards done!

Lisa Kind said...

I make my sauce in the crock pot! It makes enough for about 8 meals for Kevin and I! I have to find out how you do those recipe cards! I really like that format!

Anonymous said...

This looks good. I just got done making 3 batches of your salsa! Yum I really like you blog. Your recipe cards are adorable. You should post the instructions. Thanks again for the great recipes.