Thursday, September 08, 2011

More Milk Carton Creations

Over the summer I had some friends over to stamp and we made some gift boxes using SU's milk carton die. I already loved the various things this die could do, like the cute little bird houses I am sure you have seen. Using 2 die cuts to make these treat boxes just makes it so much more versatile. You may have seen this post of mine from July where I made a bee hive.

Here is the box we made using some old SU designer paper and some die cut flowers using a die from PTI.

Here is a taller version which requires that you create an outer layer to go around the assembled cartons. I will be honest, I had a really hard time getting a good fit and the perfectionist in me about lost her mind, lol! The above method of covering it with thinner weight pattern paper was much easier.

When we were assembling the tops, one of us (who will remain nameless) folded the score lines in the opposite way as everyone else. It was one of those happy kind of mistakes because it created a star box top instead. It was really cool! No ribbon required. We didn't get a picture of it and I have not had time to make another one myself. Just wanted you to know you can create 2 different looks from the same box just by folding the top differently.

If I were mass producing these on ANY scale, I would go with version #1. If you want to pull out a few hairs, preferably the gray ones, then try #2. Maybe you will discover it isn't that bad and I am just a moron. Completely possible ;)


Cheryl said...

I want to come over and make one of these! I'd be thrilled with the shorter one!
I love this Tracy! Once you've cut two is it relatively easy to see how to put it together? I'll have to try (in my spare time!).

Anonymous said...

This post made me smile! Thanks for having us over. And thanks for letting that goofball remain nameless!! I'd give mine back to you to photograph, but one of my adopted campkids loved it, so I gave it to her. You're the best!

Renee said...

These turned out so cute! Don't you just love these fun little boxes!