Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Pie

Hello! Fall is a time when my kitchen gets a bit busier. I welcome the heat from the oven and long for creamy casseroles, pies and other goodies. As I type this, there is a double batch of brownies in the oven. Oh my!!

The other day it was pumpkin pie. Now personally, I am not a huge fan of pumpkin pie but Greg and the boys are. It isn't always about me after all. (the brownies in the oven are TOTALLY about me and my PMS, lol) It is a recipe I have used for years and figured it was one for the recipe binder I am continually working on.

Here is a pic. No comments on my not-so-pretty crust okay?! It may not be pretty but it tastes wonderful! Taste always trumps and this crust is flaky and pretty fool proof. It rolls out beautifully. You can see this post for the crust recipe.

Ready for my couldn't-be-simpler recipe card??? Seriously, I feel like I cheated.

I used My Mind's Eye Mischievous paper pack. Even the pumpkins are cut from one of the papers in the 6x6 pack. I did stamp the 44 in the top left corner. I didn't even bother with stitching...it was all about getting it done before the timer for the brownies beeped. A girl has her priorities!! Especially when it is PMS time.

Here is a PDF file with the recipe if you want to down load it. It will print 4 to a page.

Have a great day!!

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Lisa Kind said...

I LOVE pumpkin pie! I'm not a big pie eater, but I LOVE pumpkin pie! Brownies are good too! LOL!!! Cute card and thanks for the recipe!