Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Share the Warmth

Happy Tuesday! I enjoyed making the coffee cup gift card holders so much a couple of weeks ago that I made another! This time I used designer paper on the front along with an image by Stampavie.

Totally festive right?? The paper is from a line called Simple Stories, I loved the warm feel of the colors and the pattern was sized right for the cup. There is a corrugated (crimped) cozy around the cup but the rather large image mostly covers it up. The Penny Johnson image is called "All Warm Inside". The sentiment is also from Stampavie, it is in the "Holiday Wishes" set.

Here is a picture of the insert holding a Dunkin' Donuts card.

The cup will fit inside an A2 envelope. I will say that several people I have shown this to have not been able to figure out how to "work" the card, lol. Maybe the back needs a big note to "pull here". You could place the fold at the top with a fixed lid so it opens like a top fold card. That would probably be easier for some folks to figure out but I don't think it would be as fun. But it would be a shame for someone to not realize there was a gift card inside. Can you imagine??? The thought of it makes the frugal person in me shudder!!

Have a great day.


Michele Boyer said...

SO cute, Tracy! I love how the lid pulls out to reveal the gift card! So clever!

SweetMissDaisy (Anna Wight) said...

This is so CUTE!!! You know, maybe to let the recipient know that there's a gift card inside, you could punch a 1"-2" shape in the center of the backside of the mug, to create a little peek-a-boo window on the back of the card? and then maybe instead of mounting the card to an entire full sized insert, you make a shorter insert so when the top is pulled off, just an inch or so of the gift card is adhered to the insert...

Super idea, Tracy ... I'm lifting it!! :)

Rebecca Ednie said...

Clear Dollar Stamps has a stamp set called Card Directions with little stamps that say: push, pull, turn, slide etc. I make little tags when a card may be hard to manipulate. It is a very cheap little set as its only 1.5x2"!

Renee said...

Super cute!! Love how you made this a cup with a gift card and I love the image you used!